Long Form

I miss writing in long form. In this age of social media statuses, we have become wired to express ourselves in a single sentence. A subject and a predicate, that is all you need to be heard/read. Our attention span suddenly is inept to adapt to anything beyond 140 characters. Characters. Not even words!

So maybe i am crazy to do this, try to write in multiple paragraphs again. Squeeze my imagination to construct a cohesive train of thought that is more than a headline. Who still have time to read? Or the question should be, who still have time to write? Journal style.

My succeeding posts in Medium, will probably be old writings of myself. Previous works that i hope can inspire me to write again. I will publish it as how it was originally published. Just thinking about all the grammatical errors makes me cringe. But at least i did not write fake news.

Once i got my mojo back, i am going to publish current works. Write reviews or general discussion of movies and TV series i watched. Write rants about the freaking Philippine government. Write stories adapted from my everyday life. Write anything.

Write with sense.

Write with urgency.

Write with hope.

Write with passion.

All in all, i just want to write. If some of it will turn out beautifully written, then i am happy.

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