Love is Contagious

Originally published year 2010 from my old Tumblr account.

We Filipinos are skeptic about Transracial relationships. It’s just either marriage by convenience or the foreigner is just one retard-maniac-who-will- soon-abuse-his-third-world-wife-after-the-honeymoon-period. But watching this documentary tapped the hopeless romantic in me. Although, love could be really blinding but hell these girls seem to have really found their soul mates. The documentary tackles the story of two women who found love online. Girl A met her fiancée through MySpace. It was just a casual friend request until they get to know each other that lead to Foreigner A popping the question ‘Will you marry me?’. The program starts with Girl A waiting for Foreigner A’s the airport. This will be the first time that they’ll be seeing each other. You can see on Girl A’s eyes the excitement and nervousness. The plane arrived and Foreigner A is nowhere to be seen. Girl A is getting worried, until she had glimpse on him. Hell she jumped for joy and run towards him. Without shame they kissed repeatedly outside the arrival gate.

2nd story is about Girl B who lives in the province. She is on her last term in college taking up Education. She subscribes on online dating sites as a hobby. One day her soon to be knight in shining armor found her. After two-weeks of endless chats Girl B asked Foreigner A that if he really is serious with her intention he gotta go to Manila to prove it. Hell he came. They went to Girl B’s province to celebrate her birthday and also for a send-off party because they’ll soon fly to US to start a family. Inside the bus, while travelling Foreigner B tells Girl B that he is afraid. He nervous of what will her family’s expectations on him. Girl B assuringly told him that ‘Dont be afraid. They do not have high expectations on you, they just expect you to take care of me. I will be the one to take care of them. They just expect me to have work and eventually give them a good life’. Aw.

Upon arriving on the province, what else will welcome Foreigner B on Girl B’s little barrio? The good ol’ Filipino hospitality of course (videoke, relatives and pretending-to-be-relatives all giddy to meet him, birthday party that everyone in the barangay up to the barangay captain is invited).

On that occasion they also did their pamanhikan. Girl B’s mom is crying when it was time for them to go back to Manila for their flight to US. You know that Girl B’s mom is afraid for her daughter (who knows if Foreigner B is a serial killer) but also is happy that God-willing her daughter will live a comfortable life with Foreigner B.

The documentary ended with a video of Girl B and Foreigner B happily spending a snowy Christmas and with a joyous news that Girl B is already expecting. Aw.


I believe in true love.

If you’d rather watch the documentary instead, well here it is.

I know, i should have put this on top. I’m a jerk.

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