The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

I really appreciate your thorough explanation and exploration of MGTOW, Brian. Have you seen the Red Pill by Cassie Jaye? It features MGTOW, which I find myself very conflicted about. On the one hand, they’re just plain wrong about certain things (the assumption that rape only lasts a few minutes with little-to-no harm caused to the victim — my God, clearly none of them have been raped), but on the other, I do think there’s a grain of truth to some of it. For example, I see a lot of misandry in our society and think that it’s not being sufficiently addressed, and that because of the levels of misogyny, much of which is perpetuated by men, calling each other out on misandry is, at present, taboo.

I had no idea of the history of cheerleading or flight attendants and found that interesting.

Personally I don’t think separation is ever the answer. And for the MGTOWs who choose to become fathers and have daughters, god knows what kind of messages they’re going to pass on…

Anyway, I’m glad to have found you and your writing.

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