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5 Signs You Might Want to Consider Eloping

Some amount of stress is expected and normal for any type of wedding. I mean, it really is a big deal day. However, there comes a point where sometimes that stress overtakes you and you lose sight of the big picture. Usually, that point reveals itself when you start “joking” about eloping. Well eloping isn’t the runaway plan it used to be. It can be a very planned and well thought out decision for many couples. I know not everyone dreams of an intimate wedding like I did, but if you are planning a traditional wedding, pay attention to these stressors that might be signaling you to consider eloping, or just taking a breath to re-evaluate things.

You are feeling guilty. Why the heck are you feeling guilty planning YOUR wedding?! Reminder: this is your one big day. It is expected that the couple gets a little selfish. Do not let the pressures of friends and family making requests like bringing extra guests or accommodating dates overtake you. Newsflash: you will NEVER make everyone happy, when you accept that, decisions become a whole lot easier.

You are second guessing yourself. There are so many overwhelming choices. How much to spend, flowers, food, photography, colors, etc., etc., ETC.! It’s crazy out there in the wedding world. Too much choice can be paralyzing. If you are second guessing yourself all of a sudden take a break from planning. You know what you really want, sometimes you just need to take a breath and remember it.

You’re putting things off. Now after the above break you need to pull up your socks and get things done. If you find yourself procrastinating, it may be because your heart is no longer in it. Reflect on why you are putting things off and try to get back on track. Is it too much pressure? Are you making too many compromises? Do you really want to run off and elope in Bali (hint hint)?

You are losing perspective. The day is about making a commitment to your best friend and celebrating that decision in any way you please. It’s not about the “things”. Don’t let the shiny, sparkly, show parts of a wedding be the most important aspects of the day.

It’s not fun anymore. Cake, dancing, dressing up, getting jewelry, these are all fun things! Then why the heck do you feel so miserable?! Think about what you and your partner really want. If things are completely off track from what you envisioned then change it. I would rather lose a few deposits now than have a lot of big regrets later.


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