Why does media ignore polls showing Dem base still prefers Hillary not Bernie?
DK Jamaal

I voted for Bernie in the Primary while watching the Republican primary degrade into insults and little substance. After the Primaries, the choice was clear, an undisciplined man-child mimicking Hitler’s hate message or continued stability. Not a hard choice for me.

Clinton has her baggage, but also has a service record in multiple services in the US Govt that anyone can envy, including Trump and Putin. Yes there were Aw Nuts but compare the few of them to accomplishments. The lady knows the Govt and would not be a bull in a china shop. Now we have uncertainty and erratic behavior that frustrates our allies and threatens unnecessary wars.

If you are a Hate Hillary then you can not think and are simply emotional. That is a trait Putin loves. Here are a few reforms you should consider: Social Security and Medicare will be (restructured) slashed. That is the word from my (R) Senator Rubio. If you are one of the ten who will deal with cancer, Medicare will not cover treatments. All this to offset Trump’s deficit spending. You paid into it for decades with the trust that your Government will make good on its commitment. Stupid you who condemned us.