Creative AI landscape

Luba Elliott
Mar 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Earlier this week, I wrote a piece with Peter Zhegin on opportunities for applying AI in the creative industries, published as How to take AI far beyond gaming in VentureBeat. As part of our research, we looked at 94 example company, corporate and academic initiatives using AI for search/discovery, personalisation, interaction/feedback and creative process augmentation/automation in the creative industries. They are displayed on the chart below.

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We grouped the projects in 4 categories as explained below. The cultural and creative industries classification is loosely based on that of the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (p21/22). For the purposes of our research, we excluded gaming and focussed on applications of AI related to the creative tasks in the aforementioned industries. The table is for example purposes and does not aim to cover all companies related to creative AI.

Search / Discovery: recommending or helping users find content e.g. music based on their preferences

Personalisation: changing some elements of a work, but keeping its essence. e.g. modifying a subject line or some words in an email based on the user, but keeping the base text the same.

Interaction/Feedback: providing feedback to the creator e.g. if you add sky to your picture, you will get better conversion OR giving the creator/user a chance to interact with the work e.g. Mogees

Creative process augmentation / automation: involving AI in the essense of the work, e.g. creating the whole music track, not just enhancing some elements

Music, Performing and Visual Arts

Personalisation: Aitokaiku, MIXYlabs

Interaction/Feedback: Mogees, Gweek, Wekinator

Creative process augmentation/automation: Jukedeck, Gifpunk, Amper Music, DeepBeat, Mubert, Melodrive, Flow Machines, Magenta, Aiva Technologies, Wavenet from DeepMind.

Design (Product, Graphic and Fashion Design), Architecture and Crafts

Personalisation: Pair

Interaction/Feedback: Inkhunter, EyeQuant, Doodle3D

Creative process augmentation/automation: Firedrop, Ai Build, Project Muze, Stylit, Logojoy, Pixelfy, CreativeAI, Autodesk, Nervous System, The Grid.

Film, TV, video, radio and photography

Personalisation: Selerio, Uru

Interaction/Feedback: Wirewax

Creative process augmentation/automation: Prisma, Soloshoot, DeepArt, Somatic Labs, Wizart, Life.Film, Fabby, Magisto, Antix

Advertising, Marketing (excl. marketing, sales, pricing analytics) and Publishing

Personalisation: The Saas Co, Nova, Permutive, Drafter, Phrasee, Pixoneye

Interaction/Feedback: Picasso Labs, Atomic Reach, Echobox

Creative process augmentation/automation: Aylien, Automated Insights, AX Semantics, Pivii Technologies, Click-o-Tron, Narrative Science

IT, Software and Computer Services (excl. game development)

Interaction/Feedback: Kite, Deckard, Codota

Creative process augmentation/automation: Prodo AI, Deepcoder from Microsoft

Museums, Galleries and Libraries

Any companies or projects that we missed? Please tweet us @elluba and @peterzhegin or comment below.

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