Computer is not charging How can I fix it?

what to do if laptop is not charging

If your computer/laptop is not charging then, there may be many reasons for this problem. The reason may be temporary or permanent. It will depend on the problem you are facing. We have been given some tips to solve this issue.

1.Unplug for few minutes

Unplug your computer or laptop for few minutes and remove the battery. Then after some time put the battery back and restart the computer. Check the charging it may start working.

2 Check the connection

You must check the cord which you are using for the charging. It may be damaged from any part. You should also check the connection of the charger. The switchboard also should be examined.

3 Restart you computer

Restart your computer in-between you are using it. There may be any minor issue. The windows will short out the problem itself.

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4 Let computer cool down

Sometimes this type of problem may occur due to long time use or due to overheating of the computer. You should let it cool down. After some time start the computer and plug the charger, may be the charging will start.

5 Replace the charger or battery

If there is any issue with the charger then go for a replacement. The damaged charger can also cause other issues. If you have been examined the charger very well and it is working right then, there will be the issue with the battery. Change the battery with the genuine piece.

6 Power setting of the Windows

You should also check the setting of your computer. There may be any problem regarding the setting of the battery. Go to control panel and check the setting related to the battery. You need to do the right setting there. The device management setting can also cause an effect on the battery issues. You should also check the device manager setting. If then also not getting any solution you can contact to Computer|PC Customer Support Service Helpline Number: 1–844–798–3801. We optimized your PC and remove all the errors.