There’s a lot to unpack there, but I’ll be a bit blunt to start and say that you’ve been misled on…
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

I know that there are other countries out there, not just the U.S…but guess what? None of these other countries have as many vaccines on the recommended schedule as the U.S. does! Where are all of these studies that you say occurred comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations? Same with the multiple vaccines on young children/babies? Vaccine manufacturers ARE immune to prosecution in the U.S.…I’m not sure why you are saying that this is not true just because every country is not the same. Our federal government gave manufacturers immunity because they were threatening to discontinue making vaccines due to how much they were getting sued so now when a person or their child experiences adverse reactions to vaccines, they have to sue the federal government and have a hell of a time and have to go many years fighting, even with the “slam dunk” cases. If you die after getting a vaccine, the manufacturers and/or health care providers cannot be held liable. I don’t know how you can possibly say that there are virtually no cases of vaccine damages..even “successful” ones like I mentioned above, which people need to have money and resources and the strength to go through years of fighting the government for, are there. I don’t know everything about how each individual country works and I don’t know exact numbers for damages in the U.S., but VAERS was developed for people to report adverse vaccine reactions (which sadly most people, including health care providers, don’t even know exists so obviously any and all reactions are underreported) but I do know that over 1,000 people just in the U.S. are being compensated right now by the federal government for experiencing severe vaccine injuries. Billions of dollars are being paid to these people by the government after fighting years and years to prove what was essentially obvious in their cases, that vaccine(s) caused severe problems for them. These cases of course, were obvious in that the reactions started to occur immediately or within hours of receiving a or multiple vaccines and we’re talking about very severe problems, like neurological, that result in individuals that need constant care, 20 year olds still wearing diapers…etc. This doesn’t even mention the possibility of long term adverse reactions, which we can’t prove because studies are not done and it’s difficult to do so. This also doesn’t even mention the possibility that any single increase in a health problem could potentially be related to the increase in vaccines. Young children are becoming sicker and sicker as time goes on, which is ironic since we’re supposed to have the best health care out of developed countries and yet our population is also the unhealthiest. Again, not saying that this is certainly due to vaccines or that it is the only potential cause, but it’s definitely something that should be looked in to because it’s obviously not genetic (or at least not mostly) and is due to environmental factors.

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