The idea that certain products strengthen the immune system is — broadly speaking — complete…
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

There are other ways to boost the immune system other than using products, though certain products can also help. You’ve done research studies? Vaxxed is actually the one that I have not watched in full but to assume all of the doctors, scientists, researchers, other professionals, and those that have been personally impacted by adverse vaccine reactions, are sharing information just to profit, is pretty silly. There actually has not been much research done in regards to vaccines and the little that is done, is financed by pharmaceutical companies and those with special interests, which are also in charge of determining what research is done in the first place, what research to report that they do find and what data they want to report. There is evidence of fraud in the CDC in regards to certain vaccine studies, in which data was purposely left out because it did not support what they wanted it to and being done over and over again in the hopes of getting a better result. There actually is A LOT of evidence that questions the safety and efficacy of vaccines but of course, you won’t find it easily because it’s suppressed in attempt to hide the truth from most people…and much more independent research should be done because much of it has never been at all and even in cases that it has, there is always more to be learned. There has never been a study comparing a vaccinated vs non-vaccinated population, or even a delayed vaccinated population. There has never been studies to ensure safety of the flu shot in pregnant women or babies and yet the government recommends every person over 6 months of age get the shot every single year. There have never been studies involving multiple vaccines being administered to tiny babies with weak immune systems within a short time period to see about possible adverse reactions that may be caused due to the accumulation of so much being injected all at once or within a short time period. Vaccines do not go through nearly as much to get approved as they used to or that medications do. There is also a lot of financial gain from the vaccine industry and if you look more closely, at the minimum, people can then see that there should at least be more research done before dozens of vaccines are pushed onto the population and into small children. There should also be independent research done without conflicts of interest. The same agency that is solely responsible for determining safety and efficacy should not be the same agency making billions of dollars each year off of the same product. That is a huge confluct of interest and I’m not even saying that all vaccines are bad but that they need to be studied more, especially with the ridiculously huge increase in the amount of new vaccines administered to children just since the manufacturers were granted immunity in 1986.

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