The Thing About Your Daughter’s Virginity…
Ashley Simpo

First let me say what an incredible writer you are. From the first sentence to the last the world around me simply stopped and your voice filled the space around me. Then, as your voice quieted and the space around me went from silence to the mundane sounds of life, your words inspired an inner dialogue that required examination and introspection.

I cannot wait to have my 14 year old daughter read this and honestly it takes super hero will power not to wake her up and scream “this is it! The truth about your body, virginity and the soulless chatty cathys (and chatty ken’s?)! You choose. Your body is your own, not just to as an idea but as an actual fact. You my dear are a real woman and though you have few freedoms now, you have this. Celebrate, explore, experience and enjoy all that it can offer you.”

Thank you for giving me the words to communicate these truths to my greatest joy, love and inspiration. To be honest, while I have command of language on paper (real or virtual), real life is not always so cute. I get nervous, stumble over my words, I say too much and using too many words in combinations that make no sense.

Thank you for the inspiration and the chance to have a dialogue with me and with her.