Siblings aka useless fucks

‘You’re doing a great job, El’

Fuck the lot of you

Fuck the smallness of you

Fuck the emptiness of you

I’ve asked you for help

when I knew I was losing my job

because Mom couldn’t be alone

So I left work to go sit with her

And then work left me

Can you visit more often

Can you help me with the hospital parking costs

Can you give me a few days to be with my kids

Can you visit her tomorrow I didn’t sleep last night

Can you just not be the selfish assholes you are

Do you think you came into this world

wealthy and well-dressed

and full of your sanctimonious shit

No you didn’t

She nursed you

through scarlet fever, mononucleosis, measles, mumps

She paced the floor and cradled you when you couldn’t sleep

She washed your filthy underwear and hung it on the line

she cooked 4-course meals in the humid heat of summer

she loved you even when it was so hard

to love you

in your teenage misery

Now when she needs to stroke the grisly cheek

of her aging but eldest son

And yearns to feel you steady her shaking hands with yours

There is a gaping hole

filled only with a dismissive

and obligatory 10 minutes

on the way to the cottage

Have a great time

Don’t forget the sunblock


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