Can a criminal (murderer) ultimately be a good person?

I believed Caesar after the death of his mother and the journey that come after her death, made him create a barrier around him in a way to protect himself, to the point of pushing people away. He created a persona of being the bad guy to be able to survive in the world and in prison. I think he got so comfortable acting the way he does that he has forgotten how or who he was. In the story, there were details that showed that he is a nice person. For him cleaning the apartment of his girlfriend, for her to have a clean image during her death even after what she has done to him in the past. During the dinner with his family, we can see that Caesar does think about trying to open himself up again to people, but was still hesitant due to his past and the uncertain events to come if he does decide to take that path. As he walked while tossing the coin we can see he decided to try to turn a new leaf in his life, and try find himself again.

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