The truth behind a murderer
Anna Elz

I completely agree that Caesar as a character is a good person at heart. He grow up with as a very loving child to his mother and a loving brothers to his sibling. We are able to see glimpse of this in the story, such as him being deeply full of sorrow as he remembered his dead mother and teaching his sister how to ride a bike and not letting her fall. As I read the story, I believe that the events that he experience through his life cause him to change. Events such as his mother dying, surviving in the world by himself in the age of 16,being lied to by a woman about his child, and his girlfriend Yvonne leaving him without notice made him change. After all these events in his life, I felt that Caesar felt alone in the world and felt that he could not ever trust anyone but himself in the world. This maybe effected the way he saw the world and feel for other people he met a long the way.