Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2008.

In 2008 I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Cambodia with my school, I had purchased my first DSLR in the form of a Nikon D60; and this was the first photo I took on auto off the balcony of our hostel, backpack still on my back. I was 16 naive and I had only left the safety of my eastern Queensland upbringing once before. I like to look back on it and say that it ruined my life in the best way possible. To say I hadn’t been brought up privileged would be lying, for the first time being exposed magical lands of South East Asia brought out a fire in me, a desire to do good things in my life, to create more, to help people and most of all to travel. In 2013 I made the trip back to Cambodia and lived there for around 5 months, it is one of the few places I really call home in this huge world.

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