The clock that stopped ticking

The world has been dealing with the emerging Pandemic since 2020 and we were introduced to a new ghastly chapter of our lives. We have the setting for our story which is the Earth, the people in it as our protagonist and Covid-19 as our antagonist. Ever since then we have been waiting for our happily ever after. In March 2020 Bangladesh had its first official lockdown and we were confined to our respective homes. As a developing Commonwealth country, we had our own set of problems to deal with, facing a huge existential crisis while financial problems withered among many families. The news channels were filled with tragic news and the sound of sniveling from the family members of the deceased.

I have been an introvert my entire life staying inside my home all day, always sounded like a dream that would never come true. Going to school every morning, interacting with people and communicating with them face to face wasn’t my ideal type of day. I remember staring at my reflection on the mirror every morning, comparing myself with a brain devouring Zombie because that’s what it felt like. My only reliance were my friends and the only reason I never skipped school even though I despised waking up early. But time hit me like a truck when this Pandemic arrived. I was sundered from my normal life that I took for granted. My world stopped evolving and I kept staring at my bedside clock that stopped ticking, the people I have always been surrounded by were out of my sight. However, I was amazed by the activities of our community. The positivity and love that they shared during such hard times is tough to describe through a few words. People started to gather donations and food for the less privileged ones. It was a silent battle for us without any Hitlers, guns it was the battle of viruses and needles you win only If you are immune to it.

My days were permeated with the astriction of losing my favorite people that I cared about. A human touch is the greatest form of communication, the warmest expression of love and care. And It took a formidable pandemic for me to realize it. I yearned for the presence of my loved ones. I reintegrated my sluggish days with digital communication and used it for my creative space. I started writing using it as a medium of deliberation to abolish my solitariness. I started writing poetries that helped me comprehend my surroundings. I felt lost in some ways but only I had to find myself out. Being confined to my home made me feel like a voyager who was stranded on an island. I did things slowly to get used to it. Fortunately around that time I was chosen to be the youth Ambassador of Hundred youth organization for invoicing educational rights and was given the opportunity to help foster education around the world. To me it seemed like the perfect chance to contribute to my community. It brought me sanity to be able to do the least for my community.

Time can be our enemy sometimes, specifically when we don’t know what to do with it like a void it demands to be filled. Staying connected at a time like that felt like a chore and I decided to do things that I love because doing things that you love can be a little underrated at times. My experiences and ways of staying connected with everything might not have been Instagram worthy but it did filled my void I utilized my time

by calling my friends, watching movies online and also learnt how to cook. While I was in my cocoon doing my own work the outside world dived deeper into the trends of Dalgona coffee and various challenges, soon I succumbed to the madness of the world as well. Everything came to me in a box and shapes of unexpectedness. Life has always been a busy road for me. I was always crammed with school work and classes but among all these things I didn’t really know myself, I didn’t know this person who loves watching Korean dramas and knows how to play guitar. There is always a distinctive way to view something and I chose the positive perspective. I have come out as a different person during Covid and I have had the chance to revisit my choices, revise my moral beliefs, staying connected to my traditions, roots and ethnicity. I know that we have lost so many people in this fight and they will always be a greater part of our life. The community that I have been a part of played a huge role in relieving my stress If it weren’t for my amazing community and their immense support, I would have gone demented. Staying connected spiritually and physically during Covid wasn’t an easy task but it surely was an admirable one and I am proud of it.



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