There…. That’s The Light Down The Road

So, I’ve been a sad young man. I’ve felt cheated by life. I still feel so. It is what it is. I’m human, sadness is allowed. Finding peace and happiness are also allowed. So, I learnt that I’ve spent too much time worrying and blaming you, you and you over there for my issues…. Looking everywhere except right at myself.

I consider myself an intelligent young man, but one suffering a mental atrophy. Having this fine brain but watching time roll past without application. Like a lot of you guys, I come here to find a direction. Something to fan my embers…. Maybe fuel the fire if I can get it started. I have read many articles on self and life, I picked up a lot:

  • A lot of my challenges in life today are a product of poor decisions and naivety. Without understanding, you cannot proceed.
  • Sometimes, your happiness is out of your hands, regardless of what these articles say. But you must do what you must to glean what joy/peace you can from everyday
  • Most times, you can’t help but worry. You’re human…. Worry! But, think too… think of an alternative, a mitigation, an option
  • If it didn’t kill you, there’s no guarantee that you got stronger. Maybe it broke you to shitty pieces. Maybe tomorrow, you’ll make the same mistake all over again. Maybe the real victory is being alive to make that mistake again…. Twisted logic, eh?
  • Always make space to improve/pamper yourself everyday. Think better. Read something new. Eat something you enjoy. Reach out.
  • I’m/you’re alive…. There’s space to go a step further today, change something, no matter how little.

I am far from the finished article, but I’ve read and learnt that a few adjustments here and there can make a difference. I’m still the boy in the balloon, but I’m learning to apply my weight and attempt to steer it. Arigato!

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