I’m writing this from the other side of the road… I’m what you could consider a “man with…
Cristhian Cobas

I have some mixed feelings about this. While I’ve experienced almost the same (rejection and little success in dating), and myself have my own business(not extremely successfull), the car and the apartment, but women, in my neck of the woods, seems that they’re never satisfied. And my problem is not that some women think that they deserve more, but looking deeper, and turning the tables. I found that many of these women that want the heaven and beyond, have accomplished nothing, or do not have any possible thing to call potential or talent. So my problem is that… I think the “Behind a great man, there’s a great woman” is true, but in those cases, the women also need to have some talent to bring into the equation. In the end is about to form a team that communicates amazingly, not a one sided relationship.

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