Receive Me

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I crave you. I crave your touch. I crave our attraction. Our electric connection. I crave diving into the deep end with you. Let’s not think, let’s just do. Let’s lap up the delicious sexual chemistry. Let’s stay in bed all weekend. I want you to touch every part of me. Gentle and hard. I want your passion to bruise my skin. I want to wear your marks like a sexual badge of honor. I want to watch your body be firm and hard and then turn into soft jelly with me. I want you to look into my eyes again as you enter on top of me. I want to see your soul as we connect in the highest way.

I want you to say, “woman, woman, woman” to me again.

I don’t want to hold back my passion for you, my feelings for you. It hurts that I have to feel restraint because I feel you holding back. Let me be free. Let me be free to tell you all of the things I want to tell you. Receive me openly and freely. Do not let this scare you. I told you we were going to burn this to the ground. Allow this passionate fire to rage.

Do not let fear extinguish it.

Let me tell you everything I want to tell you. Everything that is on my filthy mind. Everything I fantasize about with you. Everything I dream about with you.

Our now, our future.

I want to open myself to you fully. I’m the rose bud that needs water. I remain a bud, struggling to open up into the magnificent flower I’m meant to be. I know you will open me up but you’re holding back the water. I can see us, our souls intertwined. Our connection will carry us, but fear will poison us. I want to grow, I want to blossom, I want to be watered.

With you.

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