Seattle — A Love Story

Photo of Puget Sound, by Erin Elm

A flood of emotions release
The heart filled, fears emptied
Chest to chest, breathing each other in
Inhaling the maze of our insecurities
Exhaling our fortresses, walls crumbling

Tears stream down your face, such strong emotion buried deep
I thought my delicate heart would never be in such gentle hands
A comfort that feels like coming home
Thankful, grateful, beholden

Flowers closed for many winters finally seeing the spring 
Growing, stretching, breathing
Bountiful love, I will never be the same
The bar is set high, will anyone compare

Something in my heart has been awakened
Resting dormant for so long
As we sit alone on a bench looking out at the bay
On the waters of Puget Sound
Your warm arm around my shoulder
Palpable energy coursing between us
Drinking wine from paper cups

Seattle, you have molded and shaped me
Will you grant the same for him
The hopes and dreams of a new city
A clean slate, a blank canvas
With a life I couldn’t have imagined
My canvas is brilliant after 13 years of you

(Poem written, April 2013)

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