Rural Elm City Helping Lead the Way in Renewable, Clean Energy

From its inception, the Town of Elm City, Wilson Energy, and Duke Energy had high hopes of bringing renewable energy and revenue to Wilson County. In an era when renewable and sustainable energy are not only an environmentally cleaner alternative to traditional forms of energy, it can also be a profitable gain for rural towns such as beautiful Elm City.

To date, more than $6.3 billion has been invested in clean renewable energy just between the years of 2007 to 2015 in the state of North Carolina, with Duke Energy investing over $4 billion of that. Duke Energy built one of the largest solar farms, the Elm City Solar Facility project, with lines going directly to Duke Energy. However, there are also several other solar farms both in use and planned for the future outside the Elm City limits that will have lines connecting to Wilson Energy first, before being sent out of town to Duke.

In March 2016, after more than a year of construction, the Elm City Solar Facility project officially started generating energy, and in June 2016 the 450 acre, nearly half million solar panel facility made its public debut. It is estimated that the Elm City solar farm has a potential annual electric output of approximately 82 million kilowatts from this 40-megawatt farm, according to Duke Energy. That electric output translates to roughly $410,000 in potential revenue each year from wheeling fees.

North Carolina is third in the country for renewable energy, with the majority of it coming from Eastern NC, after California and Arizona. The Town of Elm City and Wilson County are helping to lead the way in renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Article inspired by The Wilson Times. Visit for more.