Eric McGilloway
Feb 18, 2016 · 1 min read

Good article. I’m not really sure though how this news picked up so much steam. Maybe you can help me understand it better.

Warrants are issued all the time. If a judge wants information on a cell phone she will most likely get it. How is this different from getting a warrant to search the house of a murderer? Apple should secure our information as best as it can. But they should hand over information to law inforcement if there is a warrant. Should they hand over the keys to all the Apple houses in the country? Of course not. Will there be abuse of privacy by law enforcement? Probably. Do any of us really have complete privacy especially while on the grid? Not really.

Also, Apple’s stocks are down this year. No major device is surfacing from them in 2016. This is an opportunity for Cook to show the public how devoted they are in protecting our privacy while at the same time helping the good guys get the bad guys. Seems like an important opportunity to bolster shareholder confidence.

Thoughts if any?

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