I will convert word article blog text to Speech Audio Voiceover

I will convert word, article, blog, text to Speech Audio Voice-over :

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About This Gig




 I am full time on fiverr, who will convert any 5000 word document from text to speech or more. If you’re interested in my service, you can contact me and ask for a sample of my work, I will gladly provide already converted file for you.




 NEW CLIENT PROMO: First time clients can add an additional 100 words to their voice-over, for free! Just mention this deal!


 For a 5$ you will get :

 500 words converted from text to speech

 wav/mp3 file


 For 15$ you will get :

 2 000 words converted from text to speech

 wav/mp3 file


 For 30$ you will get :

 5 000 words converted from text to speech

 5 complete articles converted from text to speech

 you get to choose if you want male or female accent

 wav/mp3 file.

 I work every day of the week.





 Audio Books

 Dubbing / Impersonation









 English — American


 Age Range





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 sample Packages

For a 5$ you will get 500 words converted from text to speech .wav or .mp3 file

Up to 500 Words

 Separate Files

 HQ Audio File

 Commercial Use


 1 Day Delivery








 I will convert your article / blog / text into Audio for $5

 Hey. This gig is all about maximizing the content you already have, and getting that content in front of as many people as possible. Why limit your reach to only those people looking for text content? There’s no need. So, in this gig, exclusively on fiverr, I am offering to take your article, blog post, or text content (1000 words or less), and record that content in audio format with me doing a voice over. All recording will be done on an imac, through garageband. A single audio file will be provided in mp3 format. I will work with you to make it right, and ensure it works for you. Limit 1 per order. Either way, thanks so much for your time, and I wish you well.


“I work every day of the week!!!”

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