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He is the symbol of a long racist, imperial, and colonial history, and should be remembered as such.

ABC News

A Japanese survivor was shunned in his home-country. They included in textbooks as an example not to follow.

Crime Reads

You shouldn’t be alive

All were considered conspiracy theories prior to the documents being declassified.


MK Ultra program

Best known for his adorable portrayal of Anakin Skywalker

Lega Nerd

Back to life

Our ancestors were truly, and without a doubt, the weirdest people

Photo by Aimee Vogelsang on Unsplash

Victorian mourning jewelry

His story is perhaps last century’s most celebrated political hoax.


Or would you have been ripped to pieces by the angry crowds?

The Vintage News

The status of cats in Egyptian society

The story of one of the ancient world’s most brutal civilizations.

History Compacted

Doubtful origins

And why does Cuba allow the US on its territories?


Theft in public opinion from the late-19th to the early-20th century.

Sunshine Coast Daily

The beginnings of the ragpickers


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