News Journal 2.2

Publication: The Guardian

Article: “Manny Pacquiao’s Instagram account calls for gay people to be put to death.”

Writer: Mark Dobson


This is a straightforward hard news piece that highlight’s Pacquiao’s recent controversial comments about homosexuals while mentioning new remarks he has made on social media.

While the article is perfectly fine, it does spend the opening few paragraphs describing his previous comments while leaving his new remarks until later on in the article. This seems to fly in the face of the general rule that dictates that the newest, most newsworthy information be delivered at the beginning of the article. Though that is nitpicking somewhat.

As is expected from all hard news story, any bias from the writer is undetectable. Pacquiao’s comments are damning enough, so the writer simply needs to present the facts and the boxer’s own regressive ignorance shines through.

An advantage of the story being available online rather than physically is that reaction and comment can be given instantaneously and linked into the news piece. Along the side of the article there is a box showing a reaction piece (found here) written in the Guardian’s sports blog that covers Pacquiao’s career and the religious beliefs that underpin and inform his stance towards homosexuality. This synergy of different types of reporting and reaction is one of online journalism’s best features.

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