News Journal 2.4

Publication: The Verge

Article: “Kesha can’t change or terminate her contract with Sony Music, court rules.”

Writer: Lizzie Plaugic


The singer Kesha hasn’t released an album since 2012. It has been revealed over the past few months that this was due to her refusal to work with producer Dr Luke. It’s a long and troubling story, and there are a few great pieces that cover what happened to her in detail. (This piece by Passion of the Weiss is particularly good, though an upsetting read) In short, Kesha accused Dr Luke of rape, and refuses to work with him, but she tied into a contract with Sony and they have essentially sided with Dr Luke.

This piece is unbiased and simply presents the courts ruling while giving some detail on the story that has lead up to it. However, as a reader it’s hard not to sympathize with this young woman who has been victimized and is now unable to work, and in music, if you don’t appear regularly, it’s difficult to rebuild your career, unless you are a massive artist of significant influence.

It’s telling that in the hours following the ruling that there was a significant public outcry, with the #FreeKesha hashtag the number one trend worldwide. Many on Twitter have spoken about the ruling and how it shows how cruelly women are treated in pop music system, and how things as horrific as abuse aren’t given the attention and respect they deserve.

In the changing media world, writing a catchy tweet accompanying a story is as important as writing a good headline. MTV did a similar report to The Verge piece, though the tweet they linked their story with a provocative tweet that would seize any readers attention: “A judge has ruled that if Kesha wants to make music, she has to work with her alleged rapist”.

This is an ongoing story that is troubling but fascinating. With such a strong online reaction, its interesting to see if there’ll be any movement from Sony’s camp or some resolution for Kesha.

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