Final Project..

As the end of the semester gets closer, I’m starting to seriously think about how I’m gonna do my digital project. At the moment, I’m pretty set on doing a movie. But it was mentioned that we might be able to do something on medium, a post I think. That would also be pretty cool to do but I don’t know much about it. As the recent events in Minneapolis have evolved, I know for sure I’m going to focus on the Twin Cities. I really want to focus on the Jamar Clark case and everything that happened. I want to include on our own Black Student Union (BSU) also stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. How hundreds of people stood in the freezing cold to show they are disappointed in the Minneapolis Police Department. That the killing of unarmed black men should come to a stop, that these police officers need to be investigated. I want to do something powerful that everyone understands. Something that shows the seriousness of police brutality on the black community. So hopefully as the week progresses, we get more information on what we can do because I really wanna start working on it now, so I don’t wait till the last minute.

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