First Day

So tomorrow (Saturday) is my first day of volunteering and I’m pretty excited. Hopefully I’m not the only college student there cause I don’t want to seem super young. Also hopefully everyone is welcoming and will show me how the organization works. I’m worried since they do pretty serious work, I won’t really understand what’s happening. Or feel like I’m wasting their time, so we shall see. I did email them and they were really nonchalant of me coming tomorrow, they were very informal. But nonetheless I will see how it goes and hopefully I’ll wanna go again. It will be really sad if I hate it and feel like I can’t belong. But I’m Shukri Elmi, I’m up for anything (:

Well my first day didn’t go as well as I hoped. First of all it is very far away from where I live, which was kind of a hassle but I still tried to keep an open mind. The building itself is really small but pretty from the outside. It has many paintings on it that signify the struggle people go through, which I liked a lot. It also gave it a city vibe to the neighborhood. Walking in, I noticed how the dark the room was and the fact that it smelled a little funny. I still tried to keep an open mind, I really did. Then I realized that there weren’t many young people in the room, it was mostly older males. Everyone seemed to have been a part of the group for a while and seemed to know everything that was happening. I realized I didn’t really feel comfortable in the meeting, it just wasn’t the type of environment I enjoyed. Which made me really sad cause I would’ve loved to fully immerse myself in this group. Overall it was a unique experience but I really don’t want to go back. You win some, you lose some and I definitely lost with this experience.

Amazing Building Artwork
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