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I just came back from the BCorp Summit 2018 in Amsterdam, where a lot of people asked me how we — in mondora — are able to create positive impact with software. Now I’ll try to explain how it is possible, and also how we do it.
I’ll start by defining two different types of benefit: the project related and the company related. The first one relates to what you do with your customers, the second is about what you do in your processes. They are not completely unrelated but for this post’s purpose it’s handy to have such categorisation.

A few days ago was exactly six months since I started working in mondora. Before my first day I was really excited and thrilled by this opportunity but I didn’t yet know what it would be like.

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Mondora is a software company, based in Valtellina, and is one of the first benefit corporations in Italy. The positive impact is contagious and the work environment is really virtuous, and in my opinion it’s what Buddhists mean for Right Livelihood.

Mondora doesn’t have managers, senior somethings, accounts, architects, sales or other enterprise definitions for people, we are all human beings, more or less good in doing our things. Ideally, we are all full-stack, from IT to management, to development, to customer relations and we work together towards a common goal. The management is completely flat and democratic, we use loomio to take decisions together and everyone can vote or share a proposal. Overall well-being is monitored with officevibe and we have the good habit of publicly praising colleagues, through a dedicated slack channel (if you want to know more have a look at this article). …

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I have some Node.js web apps (based on Express) hosted in Azure Web Sites that I want to be protected.

Since Azure allow you to use wildcard certificate (valid for all * ) the https should not be an issue, but you can’t have the key for such certificate. So require(‘https’) isn’t a suitable way.

The solution is editing the web.config for the iisnode of the web app and redirect all traffic from http to https.

This is quite straightforward, but before (if you haven’t done something on web.config before) you have to take your generated web.config. …


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