ElmTree Article: Recent Enhancements | 2016

ElmTree is continuously releasing new enhancements. Learn how to use some of the recent enhancements to make your business more efficient.


We have now added a ‘Delete’ button to make it easier to remove attachments. Simply select the attachment you would like to remove, and click the ‘Delete’ button. This will automatically delete the attachment, and subtract the ‘Nbr Attachments:’ by one.

Save As Directory:

ElmTree allows you to set a default ‘Save As’ directory. This works the same way it would to set a default Import Directory. By going to the Departments/Employees window you are able to set a ‘Save As’ Directory for each employee.

You are also able to set this up by going to ‘File’ and selecting ‘Change Save As Directory.’

When selecting ‘Change Save As Directory’ from the file menu, the changes will only be made for the username that is logged in and making the changes.

Dispatch Desktop:

There is an option to select one or all available dispatch request statuses from prior days to show on the Dispatch Desktop.

By default, the Dispatch Desktop will open to the current day — with ‘Show No Prior Days’ selected. If you would like to see everything before the current day in a specific status, select the status from the drop down list.

Additionally on the Dispatch Desktop, we have added a ‘Refresh’ button.

If you do not want to wait for the Dispatch Desktop to refresh on its own, you are now able to click the ‘Refresh’ button to immediately refresh the data.

Just a Reminder…

To stay up to date with all of the new enhancements ElmTree releases, review the light blue box that opens when logging in to ElmTree.

**Note** If you have selected the box at the bottom next to ‘Do not show on startup.’ you can get to the New Features in ElmTree window by selecting Version Changes from the Help menu.

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