A tweet is not law.

This basically sums up how I’ve been trying to process the constant, absurd barrage of bull coming from 45 and his lackeys. We’ve witnessed the difficulty an idea has during the process from tweet to law. The process continues to knock back ideas time and time again. And some still make it through.

If I focus or even give attention to these racist, ignorant thoughts that continue to be pushed illegally through the political landscape at the moment, I can’t focus on anything. If I focus on all the things, what am I focusing on?

I refuse to give power to 45's tweets. What once would be considered a balanced, thoughtful tweet of someone recognizing the implications it could have is now a throwaway, passing thought. The more people respond and draw attention to these fleeting snippets of half-thoughts, the more it fuel’s 45’s ego, “People are listening to me! See Hillary, you thought they wouldn’t, but they do. So many records of angry people at me. So many.”

I have to push that anger and frustration towards the lawmakers that are making decisions in the Senate, in the House. They’re the ones that are peddling these tweets into law. They’re the ones giving power to a corrupt, idiotic, angry white child that throws a tantrum when he can’t get his way. They are the ones passing legislation without knowing what’s in the bill they’re voting for. They’re the ones voting away health care for millions of people while making full use of it for themselves. They’re the ones that have shown no action, empathy, or remorse on any of the increasing violence happening to the people they represent, in their own constituencies.

I can’t continue to feed an ego of an angry white broflake that can’t handle the beauty, diverse array that humans are. A tweet isn’t a law…yet. And I won’t treat it as such.

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