I want a love with lots of candles





A field


Not like that last one,

A formula set to

Eliminate static cling,

A free template downloaded

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Longmont Colorado has grand shopping centers that remind me of home. Whole Foods, random tap rooms, accident investigators. It’s midday Monday, there’s a few people in the large, cold, taproom that I’m sitting in. My brother is outside on a conference call. His blood pressure feels high today. I ask him if it’s because of work, he says: No, it’s because of the nitro cold brew. He likes to keep people happy. He stopped at a Target so I could get a cat notebook because I forgot my journal. He asks me twice how the beer is when he gets…

It’s that time again. The weather is colder, the holidays are here, people are back up on dating apps trying to find somebody to fill that long aching cold void in their hearts. (Not that I think that dating apps are the place for this, but here we all are regardless). After filtering through shitty one way conversations, fear of dick pics, rock climber after rock climber giving the thumbs up, you finally find somebody that seems normal, and wants to meet with you IRL. So you set that up.

For some reason that’s when things get weird. Do you…

Once there was a man

who found me

cold and hard

sealed up in my plastic packaging.

I was the plain kind

not those frilly

ones with frosting and sprinkles.

Just light brown outside

strawberry filling.

He peeled me out

ran his hand against my

smooth outside,

thinking of the potential

of the strawberry

the warmth

A sweet explosion

the senses enthralled.

He wedged me between

two icy hands



warm up you.

No luck.

(Perhaps he could have worn gloves)

He yelled and fussed

threw me

down into the cold

metal toaster.

I sat there while

he dreamed…

I have had many situations lately where I have been reminded just how “naive” I am. This usually comes in the form of expecting the best of people, and getting the worst, or thinking that I know what I’m doing while continuing forward with the best of intentions and excitement only to find out that what I’m doing is viewed as incorrect, unprepared or uninformed, and to some even laughable and/or embarrassing. Now I’m already somebody with very low self-confidence so I may take this more to heart than the average Jane but I find that often, I feel like…

Because your writing should excite you..

Being somebody who has recently just started to embrace tapping into my creative side I need a lot of help. And I mean a LOT, of help. I find that not many people I know, or encounter in my everyday life really care about books, words, stories, poetry, and all the things that I feel like I need to submerge myself in to water the great seeds of creativity I try to plant. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve come a long way.

In the last two years I have started a blog about…

This song sounds a lot like leaving,

I listen loudly and wander around familiar streets.

It’s hot, and the old people are dying from the heat.

Newly designed corporate ambulances circle the town

with fresh blue and white paint

and neatly tuned sirens

scooping up their customers/prey.

The sirens echo against the sunset over the music

in my ear buds.

I walk in circles dreaming,


and keeping tally of the losses.

I unravel,

my multitudes expose themselves and slip down my back.

One by one they leave me

to become absorbed by the demanding wail.

Eleanor Rhys

Blogger, writer, cat lady, finder of information, keeper of stacks. Just a basic journey through my anxiety ridden mind. Tweet: @eleanorrhys

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