A New Way of Life

Creating a new way of life is the only way to live a healthy life. Exercising and eating healthy food have to be engagements you take for a lifetime. Of course there can be some setbacks. But the healthy life isn’t something you can work on for a year and then take it for granted. You have to work on it every day of your life. You have to choose to work out and eat fruits and vegetables every day for the rest of your life.

“The healthy life: it’s not just about losing the weight; it’s about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there.”

— Dr Steve Maraboli

We too often forget about the fact that this is a lifetime engagement. We too often reach our goals of being fit and eating healthy only to go back to our old habits of laziness and junk food after a few months. We focus on the goal (losing x pounds, doing x reps, eating paleo for x days…) but this is a mistake because we have to keep working in order to not lose the benefits of the work we’ve just put in.

Being fit isn’t something you can check out of your to-do list and forget about it. There is no end. Once you have absorb this concept, you can take the right decisions for your life knowing that this new way of life won’t be for a month, a year but for the rest of your life. So you have to find workouts and foods that can bring you a healthy life and some joy at the same time. You have to create new habits that are sustainable. This is not a sprint but a marathon and in the long run, you’ll get to the point where working out isn’t just for fitness, but your new way of life; you’ll look forward to working out instead of dreading it.