A fully stocked pantry

Here’s how I endured Irma: Hurricane snacks. About $200 worth. I had originally gone for a few more cases of water and “just a couple” snack foods, but after walking through the aisles and noticing the barren shelves, I knew I had to stock up. I filled my cart with Fruit Roll-Ups, knock-off Thin Mints, clementines, popcorn (pre-popped, of course), honey barbeque chips, mini chocolate donuts, Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos, Chips-A-Hoy Chocolate Chunk, gummy worms, tortilla rounds, animal crackers, Oreos (double-stuffed), Chex Mix, Twizzlers, Ritz crackers and Jiff peanut butter (the big jar). I was set. “Come at me Irma!” I yelled as I left Publix with seven bags of groceries hanging from each arm — because honestly, who has time to put the shopping cart back in the cart racks after unloading it? Not me. I laid out all of my goodies on the kitchen counter while my mom glared at me. She gasped and shook her head morbidly, but I saw her eat a couple of those honey barbecue chips. All of my snacks were non-perishable and I was so excited to lose power

But stupid Irma hardly grazed us. We only lost power for about five minutes. I was pretty bitter about it… But at least I had good comfort food.

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