My 2016… I guess

Everyone is doing one and I have serious FOMO so here’s my take on 2016.

This year was great. So great. I started my job as an auditor and went on a girls’ trip to Miami in late January. Had an awesome valentine’s day that allowed me discover Dallas and worked a lot in February, graduated in May, bought my first car in August, became a Cowboys fan in October… and so on. I’ll try to make each paragraph a major highlight.

Spring 2016 was the last semester of grad school and I decided to take a coding class. To be honest, it kinda was decided for me but let’s pretend I like to challenge myself like that. I’m not even sure if this is considered a “language” because every time I told someone I was learning to code in Visual Basic they looked at me funny. I’m not tech savvy so is it? Moving on, I learned to use visual basic and that was most definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever learned to do. I’m not sure if it was challenging because I didn’t give it enough time or because it didn’t come to me naturally. Whatever it was, visual basic was a bitch!

Learning visual basic gave me a different kind of fulfillment. Every time i finished a project, I felt like I had ended world poverty. Because of that feeling, I decided to do something I’d always wanted to do, learn French. I like to say, I know French like Texans know Spanish. A few phrases here and there, and maybe enough to not get lost in a marketplace / airport. Same thing. This year, I decided to learn some more french with the help of Duolingo. Oh it was great. I did so consistently for about a month and I reached 25% fluency. I probably could’ve made it to 50% by year end had I not let life and laziness consume me.

Life and laziness… In 2016, I decided I was done being a procrastinator. I feel like all my potential success is being hindered by my sheer laziness. I haven’t done anything about it yet though (maybe next year…lol) but hey, acceptance is the first step. I did however learn to be more organized and time conscious, auditing will do that to you. Speaking of auditing, I’m all corporate America now… that deserves its own post.

This year, I decided people will matter less. Sounds strange, in fact, terrible but it’s what i decided. Please hear me out. I am a people person, whatever that means to you. An extrovert, ESTJ (hello Myers Briggs), social butterfly, whatever… I like people, I love my friends and if I could spend every waking moment surrounded by people I love, I probably would. But this year, I finally accepted people don’t care for that. I used to associate love with quality time (that’s my love language) but I've come to accept everyone loves differently. Anyway, I've decided i’m going to stop depending on people’s love for my happiness. From now on, my happiness will be Marc Jacobs esque; all me.

Travel… Didn’t go to as many places as I would’ve liked but I did hit 3 new cities this year. NOLA, Chicago, and Miami. NOLA was amazing. Everyone should visit. I hope to travel more in 2017. Maybe finally go to Puerto Rico like I’ve wanted for the last 2 years and Vegas just because. Also Seattle, Arizona, and a few random places here and there. I really just need to gather up the courage to travel alone. Again with the people problem. I need to stop needing people.

In 2016, I got a medium account, deleted my Twitter, forgot about Instagram, then got reminded, then dusted off Facebook, gave my LinkedIn a polish, and blah blah. Medium is great. I hope to read and write more in 2017. Reading… towards the end of 2016, I read a few books. Trevor Noah’s Born a crime, Chinua Achebe’s “There was a Country”, “Arrow of God”, and “Things Fall Apart”. I can’t believe a time existed when I found Achebe boring. Father forgive me for I knew not what I did. All great books, all worthy of my time, and certainly very insightful.

There’s a lot to more to my 2016 and how I plan to be a better me in 2017 but what’s this post really saying? 2016 was the year of realizing things. Has anyone asked Kylie J what she thinks about 2017? My guess is actualizing, at least that’s what I’ll be doing. In 2016 I figured out what it means to be a self sufficient adult and now that I know, in 2017 I’ll proceed to win, bigly!

EEO :)

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