Go to the Fun Countries
Ben Thomas

Somehow I had never realized that’s it.

That’s exactly what makes me take my 2 shirts, 2 shorts, and throw it all in a backpack half the size of a carry-on luggage.

What you’re fully aware of when being so close to reality, being so aware of your surroundings, is that all your anxieties and larger-than-life problems are nothing but mere illusions meant to keep you distracted from what we really are. Ants trying to get along.

I think that’s what makes it hard to reintegrate when you come back from such powerful experiences. At least for me, staying aware in my daily routine is deadly. All of a sudden the world I create for myself, the truths I leave back home come crawling back to me asking me to take them back.

How can we sustain such a, unsustainable lifestyle? We are given tremendous opportunities; yet, we are so tangled up in our anxieties and seemingly insurmountable problems that we do not seise them. We lose touch with our surroundings and create our own walls to protect ourselves from the outside world.

Living a stable life is so much more easy and safe, right?

Still, I remain arrogant in those thought processes, as we are highly privileged to be where we are, and have the chance to travel on a shoestring.

Those are the dilemmas I need to wrap my head around every day back home.

Be the best version of who you are. Spread love. Be useful. Plan for the next journey. Rinse / Repeat.