Home Session Day 3

Today is the final day of the home session and this article completes a series of articles on my bootcamp experience I have been writing for three days.

The work flow for today remains the same, first programming logic next a user interface with HTML and CSS then this blog post. Of the two programming logic, Binary search and missing number labs, Binary search was toughest, the missing number lab was also technical but I was able to solve it with a little maths trick. My front-end app came out good, had to create a simple user interface with HTML and CSS, wanted to use some bootstrap to help, but we were not allowed to.

A lot of challenging task like the API and front-end app, then the Binary search lab was the toughest of the labs. Writing articles simultaneously wasn’t easy either.

Then this article that summed up the home session series. It has been great being on this session, I have improved a lot working on different tasks, learning to work remotely and reaching out when I had issues. Next is a self learning clinic where we would work on teams to collaboratively build software products.