Andela Bootcamp Experience.

It was on Monday 8th of may 2017 at around 9:30 am. I heard the message tone of my mobile phone beep and what came to mind at the moment was the ever persistent text messages sent by network providers. Unwillingly, I reached out for the device and read the message, I couldn’t believe it, I leaped for joy. The feeling at the time was too enormous to contain because I was happy my hard work paid off. I received an invitation to Andela boot camp.
I had just arrived the venue in high spirit with very great expectations as to what a boot camp would be like especially Andela’s boot camp. Before the lessons started, the boot camp facilitator introduced himself and his assistants, listed some of the important things we participants should note then he commenced the training. I couldn’t help but notice how articulate and eloquent he was. Lucidly explaining things and allowing interaction amongst everyone in the room in line with the outcome in the boot camp curriculum. It is obvious that in any interactive class where ideas are exchanged and questions asked as I have witnessed, learning is more effective and efficient. To enhance learning, the class was divided into three groups. I found this quite impressive in my own opinion because I believe this was done to ensure proper attention is given to everyone by the boot camp facilitator assistants who are assigned to each group to monitor and observe the growth of everyone one in their respective group.
So far, I have learned what I couldn’t have on my own with numerous available resources. I have realized that coding is not just enough to make one a better programmer, a lot is required of a person and there are areas that I have regarded less which I have found myself unconsciously making effort to improve. In just a few days I’ve spent in the boot camp, it is not uncommon to admit the slogan and everything Andela represents. In the boot camp, learning has been given another dimension. The time constraint for a task to be completed, the tension, the brainstorming to overcome challenges, the continuous growing mindset and interaction with people from different backgrounds all make this environment an awesome place to learn.

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