Andela Bootcamp Experience Day 2

The second day of the boot camp was more challenging. I used to think the life of a developer is easy and envy them, but I came to a realization that it was merely an illusion created and that easy disposition was created as a result of sheer hard work, passion, and determination. If you are persistent, consistent and conduct due diligence on a particular subject or struggle, it becomes part of you.

The tasks for today were 4 in number, 2 code labs, HTTP and The Web to create a command line for consumer API and finally to write a professional blog post. The tasks seemed easy to me at first but when I began the project I realized my earlier thought was wrong. I needed to write a program that would pass all the tests given and before I could do this I had to make sure jasmine, a framework for TDD works. To make this work, I made sure jasmine detected my program contained in a JavaScript file and also ensured the test program contained in a spec folder run without returning an error. This was a daunting task. I remember when the facilitator tried to differentiate between a challenge and an obstacle, the explanation was a little bit vague because it was difficult to explain it unless one have been in such situation where the realization is made personally. This was one of the occasions he described. Glad that against all odds I overcame these obstacles and challenge, and it served as a motivation for me.

Regardless of the challenges and obstacles encountered so far, I firmly believe I have been challenged to do more to better myself, to improve myself and to strike a balance to be self-reliant and possess the skill of collaboration with colleagues to a reasonably large extent. Today’s experience was quite eventful as I keep learning new things every day.

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