Let’s talk NFTs!

NFTs will play a pivotal role in Elonagotchi. The NFTs is what will bring Elonagotchi from being a simple pet game to a full featured skined out game with several ways to earn. Each NFT comprises four key parts, rarity, item, eggshell, and abilities. Elonagotchi NFTs will be minted at various points during the game; Elon will walk to a mint machine allowing players to pay a mint fee of .03 BNB to mint a random NFT from the NFT pool. The mint fee will be allocated 10% ecosystem 20% GOTCHI burn, 10% BUSD rewards pool, and 60% to the NFT BUSD rewards pool. Players may have additional chances to roll NFTs using activated abilities or increasing Elons mint chance by equipping % increase mint chance gear. Elonagotchi NFTs will have a unique burn function that allows players to burn NFTs for a percentage of the NFT burn pool paid out in BUSD. This encourages the burning of unwanted NFTs, making even the most common NFT rarer over time. The payout is as follows.

Legendary .6%

Epic .3%

Rare .1%

Uncommon .02%

Common .005%

In addition to all these features Elonagotchi NFTs will have a 10% transaction tax for all transactions moving forward. The break down on NFT transaction tax is.

2% Ecosystem

3% Reflections

3% Burn

2% LP

There are five levels of rarity, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each rarity will increase in graphical quality and add color; legendaries will add special effects to the NFT. Each NFT will also consist of a “eggshell” that will have an independent rarity level that any NFT may be able to roll upon minting regardless of rarity, making some NFTs potentially rarer upon creation. The eggshell is a graphical representation of the old school designs that were on Tamagotchis. NFTs may be burned to separate the eggshell destroying the NFT but giving the player the ability to equip the eggshell to a different Elonagotchi NFT to make unique NFTs and combinations.

The Items will be various accessories that will be represented in the game. For example, a player rolls a legendary pant called “fire pants.” The NFT will display fiery red pants with flames coming off of them. When equipped, Elon will now be wearing the item skin in the game. Types of items include clothing, accessories, background skins, pets, handhelds, trinkets, and various decorations to customize Elon’s “lab.”

Some items will have passive and or active abilities. Some may have in-game effects, and others may affect the way you earn with GOTCHI. Activated abilities will have cooldowns but will have unique abilities. Rarity of the NFT will affect how many and what abilities may roll on the item. Some of the abilities are

-GOTCHI reflections Bonus

-On click consumable

-Passive reduction to main attribute exhaustion

-Increase consumable carrying capacity

-Extra mini game lives

-Free consumable

-On click NFT mint

-Increase NFT mint chance

-increase in NFT rarity chance

And many more to come!

As you can see NFTs will be a huge part of Elonagotchi. NFTs will add to the game making every aspect unique and fun, but at the same time increasing your earning potential!


Elonagotchi Game Designer




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