Engine Building

Elon Hufana
3 min readMar 30, 2024


On my mind I’m thinking of all the different projects, services, and experiences I’ve been apart of

One of my favorite things is to create

To build things. To make things happen.

The entire purpose of Base Engine is just that too. I want to be able to help other leaders express their vision by providing some sort of base. Help them build an engine and make things happen.

I think this passion stemmed early for me with drawing and getting familiar with art.

This moved into painting murals, learning instruments, then eventually wanting to chop up samples on FL studio and make beats. Eventually I learned more about entrepreneurship and grew obsessed over the concept of making something, profiting, all while helping others at the same time.

It’s a privilege and I think that as individuals, within the entire process of creating, we should be very aware of our environment and our timing holistically. I believe this breeds the inspiration (energy) for what you are making.

For some it’s a song, a painting, a poem, an engine, a plan.

My inspiration for this journal entry is actually ‘Building an engine’. It’s about putting things together to get the desired outcome you are seeking.

As mentioned earlier, eventually after I indulged in making visual art and music, I learned more about the fundamentals of business in high school. Starting with entrepreneurship and the basics regarding making a business plan. From here I started selling shirts based on an idea I had called Rising Lifestyle.

The inspiration stemmed from my passion in skateboarding and brands like Supreme and Diamond Supply being popular at the time. I also incorporated hip hop inspiration too. Guys like J Dilla and Kanye shaped my approached to the production process I mentioned earlier when I was making music.

It’s important to note that based on the trend of today’s society, your thoughts and belief system can also get swayed by the masses. Based on expectations, what people might think, etc. Social media does a pretty good job on this part. Anything ‘mainstream’ generally.

So even though things might seem like a hit on that mainstream part, I think it’s important at times to detach from those expectations and create something for the sake of creation. To understand your values.

Your work should be able to speak for itself, but still, I think it is wise for you to consider that marketing is a grand component for how you are expressing your work to the world.

Just like I mentioned those notable brands and musicians at the time for fueling my business approach inspiration. Those things led me down a further road of making things that I wanted to create and offer.

From ideation, to prototyping, and to shipping a product. I’ve now gotten to a point where I enjoy producing experiences. More specifically, producing events that get people to elevate collectively.

Growing up, my first thought of a career was to be an artist. In some ways that’s still true. But I’ve been led down a road a fusion of entrepreneurship, technology, where art as an element is enabled in both.

I think we’ll continue to see a shift of more niches get carved into the future. There’s so many different topics, communities, and subjects that people have. The market literally has the potential to open up more. This subject can be carried into the conversation of how value will be exchanged in the future which I find very fascinating when you consider Web3, blockchain, etc (coming soon).

But again I want to emphasize this importance of your message and marketing. Because if the message resonates, it harmonizes with whatever situation you are in, you’re already sold. The message just came across to you, that was the bridge that the marketing built. It doesn’t even need to be perfect, it just needs to support your progress.

But staying focused on this subject of building, these are some of the points I wanted to provide insight to you about that I consider. The self, society (trends), and the bridge that makes it possible.

So what type of engine are you looking to build?

Is it a foundation for your career?

Is it a skill?

Maybe it’s in your personal development. Building yourself internally and externally.

The best part I think is the experience you gain, the path it leads you down, and the wisdom you can impart on others.

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