bad algorithmic translations
In a country with more than 38 million Spanish speakers, the main liberal newspaper (NYT) publishes…
Cesar A. Hidalgo

Hola, Cesar. I’m the editorial director of the NYT en Español. We take criticism of our translations very seriously. It’s something that we’re constantly trying to improve and reader feedback is crucial. Sorry if these translations didn’t mean your expectations. Sometimes, with the fast pace of news, rigid sentences and literal phrases get past us. When I say us I mean the humans translating, editing, curating and writing for We use two filters of editing and copy-editing for each translation – not algorithms. The team has journalists from Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, based in Mexico City. We also produce original stories and opinion columns. We will keep working to improve the translations — our goal is to keep presenting the best Times journalism to this growing digital Spanish-speaking audience. I invite you and your readers to reach out to me directly with any suggestions to improve translations - we, and our readers, will greatly appreciate them. Un abrazo, EL