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3 min readSep 18, 2022


Help Desk

Help Desk is a Laravel based project, that let you manage your support tickets and communicate with your customers, with a beautiful and simple to use platform.

Help Desk is based on the latest version of Laravel and many other Open Source packages and technologies.

Version 2

Take a look to the a newer version containing the same option and more:


The application is developed using Docker to make it simple to you to quick start development.
So before executing the application make sure you installed docker (


Follow the below steps to install and serve the application:

  1. Clone the project git clone
  2. Install dependencies:
  • Back dependencies composer install
  • Front dependencies npm install

3. Install docker container ./vendor/sail/bin up -d

4. Database migration: using the docker terminal for laravel.test-1 container run this command php artisan migrate

5. Database seed: using the docker terminal for laravel.test-1 container run this command php artisan db:seed

6. Optional if you wan’t some demo data:

  • Visit the PhpMyAdmin configured in docker compose
  • Use the database help_desk
  • Import the SQL script file {APP_ROOT}/database/help_desk.sql

7. Before you can serve the project, you need to build assets:

  • For development env you can use npm run dev
  • For production env you need to build asset for prod env with npm run build

Important: If you used the demo data, you can use the following user accounts:

  • Administrator (Email:, Password: Passw@rd)
  • Customer (Email:, Password: Passw@rd)
  • Employee (Email:, Password: Passw@rd)

That’s it, now you can visit http://localhost to use the Help Desk application.


The Help Desk application comes with a lot of features since its first version:

  • A full Authentication system: Login, Forgot / recover password
  • Projects management: You can create and manage multiple projects in the same instance
  • Tickets management: You can manage tickets with multiple criterias (types, statuses, priorities, …) and assign them to users
  • Kanban Board: You can also manage your tickets as Kanban Board
  • Users management: You can administrate your application by managing users having access to it with multiple roles
  • Notifications: A basic notifications system is set on the application to send notification as emails to users and also seeing them on the application in a dedicated page

I let you test the application for more information on these different features.

Framework & Plugins

The Help Desk application is based on Laravel and many other plugins & packages, the main ones are:


  • PHP 8+
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • SQL (MySQL): but you can change it as you like


Plugins & Packages


All contributions are welcome, ideas, code, tickets, … ALL :)


Enjoy it!




I’m a Full Stack developer who is passionate about making open-source more accessible and building community.