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Who does Congress work for, a citizenry of all the people or only special interests of climate deniers and monopoly apologists? It seems from the amount legislators remain on the take to super PACs and corporate lobbyists that their exclusive principle is ideological loyalty to Big Money, meaning the rest of us who form their human constituency can go jump.

American Exceptionalism is often cited as blanket excuse allowing all sorts of indulgent behavior, unregulated greed rationalized as the rogue evil required for unfettered growth. Calling halls of Capitol Hill the world’s greatest legislative body is an empty boast without actually working to build a broader, more inclusive power-sharing alliance protective of human rights.

Obsessed culture-war mongers and cynical promoters of predatory capitalism insistently ignore consequences of refusing to compromise. They are out of touch with most people’s better sense to preserve conditions necessary for domestic stability and sustainable progress, who see no value in this juvenile refusal of public servants to negotiate for the common good of the whole country.

~ from ‘Hugely Confused - rejecting the regressive agenda’ by Eric Lovald

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