So, you want the Cavs to turn an All-Star point guard on a team-friendly contract into a lesser…
Ram Shoham

Alright, I must agree that being a copatriot of Giannis biased my trade preference towards the Bucks slightly- perhaps I should add Brogdon in the place of Monroe to make it a tad more reasonable. Still, a couple of things to note: 1) When is the last time Lebron had a really decent (also young!) 3-D wing? Off the top of my head I can only think of wings and PGs that were either defensive specialists with disastrous offensive prowess (Delly, Shumpert), good shooters that are absolute sieves on D(Korver, Deron etc), and the very eclectic category that only JR Smith belongs to. Snell hit 40% on 3s, demonstrated clutch gene in his playoff debut and managed to turn his fate around playing around point Giannis (imagine what he can do with LBJ). 2) Monroe is most certainly not a lesser version of TT and if you disagree on that I must unfortunately say that we are very unlikely to reach middle ground. Even if we assumed they were similarly useful, TT’s contract is awful, sth like a wedding gift from friend Bron; on top of that, if you read the entirety of my paragraph I already mentioned that TT gets dumped to someone like the Nets later for this all to work so Monroe is no longer redundant.

The Cavs may laugh all they want but the only teams that truly could use Kyrie to turn into something special AND could offer a massive package are basically ineligible at this point for a bunch of different reasons (e.g Minnesota, Boston). Uncle Drew is awesome to watch, but no team is going places with him as the vital №1 cute superstar piece. To me anyone that offers better value than this proposed trade is bound to get fleeced and I don’t quite see it happening in the current condition of PG talent.