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(First of all, game is awesome).

As thrilling as the Sixers will be to watch in the coming years if they manage to stay healthy, it’s terrible for the future of tanking in the league. They’ve essentially proved that in a world guided by normal distribution, unless you get ridicilously unlucky, the PROCESS eventually works. They managed to draft Okafor, keep Okafor, lose Noel for NOTHING, create zero leverage around MCW after he almost had a quadruple double in his first NBA game-and then lose him for nothing. It just feels this isn’t the best-case scenario, it’s the most average one.

Nailing it is Westbrook-Harden-KD in 3 straight drafts. The Sixers have paved the new way, and the new way is that you can be rather incompetent and you’ll still end up a winner with THE PROCESS. The Process renders it a non-brainer for teams to tank now.

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