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Kyrie for Jabari, Snell and Monroe? Jabari seems essentially redundant on a team with two all-star wings, and Irving is a much better similar ball-dominant version of him in a position where the Bucks could do better. Brogdon can become the 6th man kamikazi, or potentially a good complimentary 2-guard to cover Kyrie’s defensive woes. If Thon Maker develops into the guy he appears to be able to become this gives the Bucks a killer big-4 with off the ceiling potential. Kyrie may not be the face of the franchise but he could be deluded into thinking so since he’ll average the most points. The Cavs get a cheaper Tristan Thompson version in Monroe, and can look to dump him to someone like the Nets, making space for one more decent mid-season move to turn the roster into contenders for one last Lebron season. Jabari becomes the new face of the franchise upon Lebron’s inevitable departure, and Snell gives them a young 3-D gunner. Once Lebron is gone they also trade Love for assets, and there you have an ideal transition for the post primadona era in Cleveland.