Listen Up, Progressives: Here’s How to Deal with a 4Chan (“Alt-Right”) Troll
Seth Abramson

>As for (2) — never being triggered — that’s a much harder sell, as I know from experience. I naturally get triggered when alt-right trolls call me a “kike,” or refer to the anti-Semitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” trope, and to be triggered when addressed in this way is human.

I was gonna point out how much this amuses me, since your article is pretty kikeish and it didn’t even cross my mind until you pointed it out. >_> But I like that you’re encouraging people to “troll” us and try to figure out where we’re coming from. Cause, honestly, that’s the end goal really, at least for me. I wish people could talk about politics more often instead of trying to get each other fired or brawling in the streets (although that’s fun as shit to watch). A lot of just feel really cut off & alienated from the institutions; the classrooms, the magazines and newspapers, the popular websites, etc. You seem to get that and also get why that’s a problem, not only for us, but for the progressives. Half of the battle is just getting people on both sides of the aisle willing to discuss the issues with each other in a productive way.