Elpis team is happy to announce another fundamental boost to our project. Desmond Marshall has agreed to become Elpis Advisor and Board Member, bringing to our project more than 20 years of strategic experience and business success.

Desmond is the founder and MD of Rouge Ventures, an investment and strategic preeminent firm in Asia, which collaborates with numerous Fortune 500 companies, governments and several global fintech enterprises. Desmond’s firm conducts capital raising and advisory on IPO and ICO processes and other multi-industry businesses, for strategic repackaging and operational enhancements.

Desmond Marshall started to be involved with blockchain related projects since 2012, long before it became popular and thus he is rightly considered as a pioneer in the field. He has gained an outstanding experience in reviewing and vetting blockchain projects, defining new development roadmaps for the blockchain technology and its applications in the real world.

Desmond was one of the first individuals in Asia to become a member of the global Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, joining fellow ranks like Accenture, BP British Petroleum, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Microsoft, UBS, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Desmond Marshall also serves on a number of ICO advisory boards and has provided a vast array of fintech companies with his strategic and business advisory talents. Now he has chosen to join Elpis board and his support will be pivotal as we are launching its one of a kind ICO in order to bring to the market the first crypto assets investment fund.

A pioneer in innovative businesses for the new era of investing like Desmond represents the ideal partner for an innovative company like Elpis. We are developing and leveraging AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies to create a transparent, efficient and fair technology-driven system with the purpose of minimising costs and maximising profits.

As a global pioneer in the fintech sector, Desmond insights and in-depth understanding on the ins and outs of how both investors and startup companies should operate in the new technological era, represents to Elpis an extraordinary added value that will enhance our operations at every level, starting with our crowdfunding ICO.

Elpis will be operating in both the traditional and the cryptocurriencies market. We have identified the ICO model as the best instrument to give the investors the opportunity to invest directly in our company, through a token that will be backed by the company’s real value. Thus, Elpis will strongly benefit from Desmond outstanding expertise as ICO Advisor, that has given him a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of ICOs full process chain.

In this sense, Desmond Marshall decision to join Elpis as Advisor and Board Member is instrumental to enhance and significantly improve our business strategies. Desmond has already served more than 200 companies from startups to listcos, with his renowned expertise, global vision, world-class leadership skills and strategic advisory talents.

At Elpis we are excited and humbled as we consider Desmond Marshall’s commitment to Elpis a cornerstone in the road to bring our vision to reality, an inspiration to keep improving our innovative ideas to shape a new financial landscape.

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Giuseppe Solinas

Chief Editor of Elpis Investments, The first AI Crypto-Assets Investment Fund:,

The First Artificial Intelligence Crypto-Assets Trading company on blockchain

The First Artificial Intelligence Crypto-Assets Trading company on blockchain