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Aug 1, 2018 · 5 min read

In a recent video, Luigi Piva, Elpis Investments founder and CIO, recently pointed out: “No one can predict the market, the best you can do is to trade with probabilities.”

This algorithmic trading is at the core of what we are doing at Elpis Investments. We are creating the first of its kind Artificial Intelligence-driven asset trading system fully on blockchain, to invest in both crypto and traditional assets, implementing the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning to improve the performances of our strategies.


Technical analysis has proven, in this sense, to be ineffective and biased. On the other hand, algorithmic trading, in particular when leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as Elpis Investments is doing, allows us to instantly convert the signals resulting from data analysis into investment strategies, which are automatically and constantly being updated on the basis of real market data.

Artificial Intelligence technologies enable automated systems like the Elpis Investments, to process enormous amounts of data and to learn from it. Old school trading based on technical analysis has proven ineffective because it only is able to recognise what happened in the past, not to learn from it and build models that can make reliable predictions based on probabilities.


However, the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies in developing profitable algorithms to trade financial instruments in a fully automated way, is at the core of Elpis Investments project. We are using theoretical models as a starting point, building upon them to then implement Artificial Intelligence technologies: Machine Learning (Deep Learning Neural Networks) and Genetic Algorithms, with a layer of algorithms based on Swarm Intelligence, to integrate neural networks and genetic algorithms in our asset allocation strategies and the continuous rebalancing of portfolios.


Elpis Investments AI-driven system is capable of analysing unstructured data to reveal patterns not identifiable by human based technical analysis, bringing about a totally different approach to investing which is more accurate, reliable and efficient. We are leveraging the latest AI technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning to increase the efficiency of our strategies, engaging both the traditional, institutional investors and a new breed of retail, non-professional investors, so far unable to access trading. This new wave of technologies has opened up to FinTech startups like Elpis Investments the opportunity to engage a larger, more diverse investor base.

Elpis Investments is testing strategies on real data, like US equities and futures starting from 2008, and recently, as more consistent data are becoming available, on cryptocurrencies as well: Elpis Investments system has consistently and regularly beaten the S&P on both fronts, and was able to reduce the maximum monthly drawdown (i.e. the decline in fund value) from -37.26% to 1.45% — a reduction of 25x over a 10 year period. Additionally, Elpis Investments system has already proven capable of reducing volatility, and thus risk for the investors, by 3.5x. Due to the confidence we have in our strong performances, Elpis Investments will charge no management fees and will be paid purely on performance, 20% of profits made.


This week, Elpis Investments is running a Bounty Programme through our partner Altcoins Talks that aims at engaging the crypto community at large, rewarding the efforts of its most active members. Elpis Investments Bounty Programme is consistent with the mission of the company, it represents a further way to pursue a re-shaping of the traditional financial landscape, as it entails a kind of direct engagement of the community that was until not long ago just unthinkable.


Later in August, following the private allocation started in July, Elpis Investments will launch the Public Sale stage of its ICO. Starting from August 13, 2018, 145 million ELP tokens will be available at an initial price of $0.11, with prices increasing with every 14.5 million of ELP tokens sold. Elpis Investments has a target of $20m, with 80% of the raised funds going to Assets Under Management. Anything over $10m will go directly into the AUM fund, thus benefitting Elpis Investments clients.

Elpis Investments innovative approach is contributing in revolutionising the financial landscape, making it more transparent, efficient and fair. The decision to launch an Initial Coin Offering is coherent and consistent with the company’s project and vision: the ICO represents for us the opportunity to be innovative from the very beginning, using a fundraising instrument that allows to involve directly the future token holders in the process, giving them a real opportunity to evaluate the project’s potential and to get involved in its take off.

To buy an ELP token is to contribute in building Elpis Investments hybrid hedge fund based on the disruptive technologies we are leveraging. We will periodically use 20% of our trading profits to buy back and burn ELP tokens from the market, thus increasing the value of the tokens themselves. The contributors will have a 1-year free subscription plan to access our trading signals. Moreover, our clients, both institutional and professional, will be able to use the tokens to pay the fees for our services. Token holders with more than 20 million ELP tokens and meeting eligibility criteria, will be able to ask for the exchange of those tokens with shares of the company.

In a recent interview Anatoly Castella, Elpis Investments CEO has said: “The world of institutional investment is long overdue a shakeup to rebuild trust and encourage more transparency. Those who can perform should have nothing to hide and that’s why our fund will be paid only on results achieved. Our proprietary AI technology will remove human bias and error to ensure higher returns, less risk and complete visibility to clients. Our ICO will help us to build the hybrid fund of the future, using our knowledge and success in traditional futures combined with the opportunities brought about by cryptocurrencies and blockchain.”


If you are looking for a solid and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence-driven Trading Company, check out our new website www.elpisinvestments.com, or join the conversation on LinkedIn and Telegram.

Giuseppe Solinas

Chief Editor of Elpis Investments, the first AI-driven Crypto and Traditional Assets Investment Company: www.elpisinvestments.com, info@elpisinvestments.com

Elpis Investments

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